About Las Vegas Charter Bus Company

At Las Vegas Charter Bus Company, we understand that visiting this bustling desert city isn’t all about wild nights at clubs and casinos (don’t get us wrong though, that’s plenty of fun). Vegas is filled with a wide variety of experiences for every type of travel group. We want to help you explore all the city has to offer in a Las Vegas charter bus rental outfitted just for you. Our team is dedicated to helping groups big and small find a charter bus in Las Vegas that will perfectly meet their needs, no matter the occasion.

The Las Vegas Charter Bus Company network is made up of professional bus operators, drivers, and rental representatives who have organized countless trips for travel groups. We take your unique trip details and build a bus rental service that’s tailored to each stop on your itinerary. We take pride in making sure you have top-quality customer service and the best ride possible.

A Las Vegas Charter Bus Company bus

Groups We Can Help

Not sure if a bus rental is what you need for your Vegas trip? Here are just a few types of groups we can help out with:

The Nature Explorers

If Red Rock Canyon is calling your name, why not make it a group outing? Plan a team-building day of hiking with a group of coworkers or even your sports team. Since many popular hiking spots are located far from the city, you’ll want a comfy group ride there and back. Request a charter bus rental with reclining seats and climate controls to stay comfortable in the Vegas heat.  

The Birthday Bashers

Celebrating a milestone birthday should be spent doing exactly that — celebrating! Forget about stressing the transportation logistics. Kick up your heels and relax or party it up aboard your bus rental around Vegas.

The International Tourists

Rather than stressing about navigating an unfamiliar city, focus on seeing the sites and enjoying time with your group. Las Vegas Charter Bus Company can fully handle your group trip transportation from stop-to-stop. You also won’t need to worry about sticking to the preorganized schedule of a tour company that may not cover your must-see spots.

The Business Execs

With thousands of hotel rooms and modern convention centers, Vegas is one of the busiest meeting destinations in the country. One of the best ways to keep your meeting, conference, or convention on track is by taking care of attendee transportation. Business travelers can shuttle around in a Las Vegas bus rental with WiFi and power outlets.


How a Las Vegas Bus Rental Can Help You

Group trips are often stressful to organize and transportation isn’t always the first thing on anyone’s mind. When you book a private charter bus rental in Las Vegas, you won’t have to worry about these travel-related issues:

Creating a Caravan

When you have a large group of people, you’ll likely have to split everyone up into several vehicles. This can be a hassle if you’re out-of-towners who are renting cars or if you’re locals who don’t want to rack up miles on personal vehicles. Renting a charter bus in Las Vegas will consolidate everyone onto one vehicle, so no carpools are needed.

Designating a Driver 

If you’re traveling for an adults-only casino trip to celebrate a special event like a bachelor or bachelorette party, you’ll want to travel safely. Hailing a rideshare or taxi service around Las Vegas can become exceptionally expensive if you’re planning on visiting several locations. If you want a ride dedicated to your group and traveling on your time, a charter bus rental with a private driver can serve as your built-in DD all night.

Staying on Schedule

When you’re traveling for professional events like business conferences, staying on schedule is key. Your group can easily fall behind schedule if you have to wait around for several rideshares or you’re unfamiliar with Vegas roads. With a charter bus rental, you won’t have to worry about wrong turns or waiting for your Uber; you’ll have a professional driver who’s familiar with the area and only working with your schedule.

Parking Several Cars

Parking can be limited at popular destinations like attractions and casinos along the Las Vegas Strip. Many public lots quickly fill up, while others may be private lots with reserved parking for hotel guests. This can make parking more difficult for groups traveling in multiple cars. Renting a charter bus means you’ll only have to organize parking for one vehicle. (Oftentimes, you’ll find designated parking lots or sections of parking lots reserved for oversized vehicles like charter buses.)


How to Rent a Las Vegas Charter Bus

Our Las Vegas bus rental services all start with free quotes. Call Las Vegas Charter Bus Company at 702-780-0886 to get a personalized quote based on your transportation needs and trip details. If the bus rental price aligns with your budget, you’ll just be required to put down a deposit to lock in your trip and have your trip paid in full at least 30 days in advance. It’s that simple. Have a few questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call 24/7.