Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Think you’re ready to book a charter bus for your Las Vegas trip, but have a few questions before you book? We have answers!

We at Las Vegas Charter Bus Company are dedicated to making the bus rental process as simple and easy as possible—which is why we’ve assembled this list of our most common pre-trip questions. Keep reading to learn more about our services and how we can aid your group travels in Vegas, and feel free to call at 702-780-0886 if your question isn’t answered here. Our 24/7 team would be happy to help.


Payments and Pricing

How much will my Las Vegas bus rental cost?

Long story short: it depends.

We personalize each rental to your passengers’ needs and itinerary, so there is no one set price for renting a bus in Vegas. A lot of factors go into determining the final price of a bus rental, including the time of year, how far you’ll be traveling, the model of bus you book, requested onboard amenities, and more. We’ve put together a pricing guide to provide some ballpark numbers, but the only way to know exactly how much your bus rental will cost is to call our reservation team and request a free quote.


What’s included in my bus rental quote?

Nearly everything you need when it comes to transportation expenses! We believe in transparent pricing—so you won’t be blindsided by hidden fees at the end of your trip.

Your quote will include the use of your desired charter bus or minibus, the services of a professional bus driver, the mileage you’ll be putting on the bus, fuel costs, insurance, and processing fees.

The only expenses you’ll need to consider that are not in your quote would be your driver’s gratuity, lodging for your driver (if you’re planning a multi-day trip), and any parking fees you face throughout your rental period.


When is the full balance of my bus rental due?

To secure your reservation, you’ll need to put down a deposit of 10% of your rental’s total cost. After that, the remainder of your rental balance will be due 14 days prior to your trip’s departure.


What payment methods do you take?

Credit cards, checks, and wire/ACH are all viable forms of payment.


Bus Rentals and Features

What’s the difference between a charter bus and a minibus?

Charter buses (also known as motorcoaches or coach buses) are able to comfortably seat up to 56 passengers. With enough undercarriage storage space to accommodate everyone’s luggage and plenty of space to stretch out inside the cabin, these full-size buses are great for large groups who want to arrive all in one vehicle or travel over long distances.

Minibuses, on the other hand, come in a variety of sizes—most commonly 18-, 20-, and 25-passenger models. They may not have luggage storage compartments under the cabin, but their compact size makes them perfect shuttle buses for all kinds of outings in busy cities like Las Vegas.


What amenities will be on my bus rental?

Depending on the size of bus you rent, the following amenities can be equipped on your ride:

●      Overhead parcel racks

●      Luggage storage under the bus

●      Restroom with a toilet and sink

●      Reclining seats

●      DVD player and multiple TV monitors

●      AC and climate control

●      Leather seating

●      PA system with a microphone

●      Free WiFi

●      Individual power outlets

●      Tray tables

Not all amenities are available on every bus rental we provide. So if there are any specific features you’d like to see on your rental, let your representative know when you make your reservation to ensure availability.


Can I bring alcohol on my bus rental?

Now it’s a party! We know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so we’ll be happy to provide a motorcoach that allows alcoholic beverages. Some providers are particular about what’s allowed on their charter buses, so be sure to talk to your representative about bringing libations aboard your bus rental. (Also, be aware that if you spill or leave a mess, you may be subject to a $250 cleaning fee.)


Are ADA-accessible buses available?

Of course! As long as you give us a heads up, we can connect your passengers with a bus rental that offers a lift, wider aisleways, handrails throughout the cabin, and places to secure wheelchairs and mobility devices en route—all at no additional charge.


Can I request a specific bus color?

Sure! Whether it’s for a wedding, corporate event, or discreet government travel, a great way to make a solid first impression is by booking a sleek and modern all-white or all-black motorcoach.


Can I wrap my bus?

Yes! For an additional charge, you can hire a professional wrapping company to print your logo or branding material on your personal bus rental. Keep in mind that this may add an additional day to your reservation—so let our team know beforehand.


Trips and Reservations

Where can my Las Vegas charter bus take me?

As our name might suggest, we specialize in group transportation in the Las Vegas area—but don’t think you’re stuck to the city limits. Whether it’s hiking with your college buddies at Red Rock Canyon or chartering a bus from Las Vegas to Phoenix, Los Angeles, or Reno, we can make it happen.


When should I book my bus?

While we can handle last-minute reservations, ideally we recommend reserving your ride anywhere between 3 to 6 months before your trip. If you’re planning to travel during a major event, convention, or peak travel season like summertime, consider booking your bus 6 to 9 months ahead of time.


What if I need to cancel my reservation?

We understand that plans change—especially when traveling with a large group of people. We can accommodate reservation change-ups, but depending on how close to your departure date you need to cancel, your representative can take one or two actions:

1. If you need to cancel more than 14 days in advance, you don’t need to pay your full balance (though we’re unable to refund your 10% deposit).

2. If you cancel fewer than 14 days before your Las Vegas trip, you will still be responsible for paying your rental in full. We apologize, but we cannot offer full refunds at this stage.


Bus Drivers

Can I drive my bus if I have a CDL?

No. Even if you have the proper licensure, we cannot allow anyone to drive your bus rental other than your designated, professional driver.


Can I trust my bus driver?

We’d like to think so! We only work with providers who hire fully certified and licensed drivers. This means that before they take the wheel of your bus rental, your driver will have trained for hours, taken multiple safety and service courses, and thoroughly inspected your motorcoach.


Should I tip my bus driver?

While tipping is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged and always appreciated. We recommend bringing cash to the amount of 5 - 10% of your total trip cost to hand to your driver after the trip. (Though if you’d like to include gratuity in your bus reservation cost, just let your representative know before your final bill is sent.)


Do I need to feed my bus driver?

No, your driver will handle their own meals during your trip.


How often does my bus driver need to stop for breaks?

When it comes to regular pit stops, you will arrange gas top-offs and leg-stretching with your driver while on the road.

Professional bus drivers are required to take at least an 8-hour break for every 10 consecutive hours driving or 15 consecutive hours on duty—so plan accordingly if you’re in it for the long haul. You’ll also need to arrange your driver’s lodging if your trip spans multiple days to ensure your driver is well rested and road-ready.


Don’t see your question here?

We want to help. Give us a call at 702-780-0886, and a member of our 24-hour team will help you as best they can. And once you’ve nailed down your itinerary and headcount, we’ll be happy to offer a free and personalized Las Vegas bus rental quote with no obligation to book. No matter where you are in the rental process, we’re always ready to assist you so you can get back to the fun stuff—like making the most of your Las Vegas group trip!